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Support the InfantRisk Center

Each year, 4.3 million mothers will give birth to an infant in the U.S. and 76% go on to breastfeed their infant. Essentially all of them will take at least one medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our center recieves up to 75 calls per day from everywhere in the world. Our purpose is to help moms have safe pregnancies, and safe breastfeeding while using medications.


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Benefactors of the InfantRisk Center

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InfantRisk Center Sponsor Program

The InfantRisk Center cordially invites you and your employees to help us meet the needs of mothers and infants around the world. Partnering with the InfantRisk Center (IRC) will help to guide the use of medications in millions of mothers and help protect their infants. Millions of mothers and healthcare professionals contact our center each year via our website or call center inquiring about using medications or various treatments in their patients. All of these mothers and healthcare professionals are in need of accurate and evidence-based advice on the use of medications.


The IRC is beginning its 7th year and has personally counseled more than 100,000 mothers or healthcare professionals. More than 11 million individuals have visited our extensive website and forum. Additionally, over 75,000 mothers and physicians have downloaded our apps to date.


The InfantRisk Center Sponsor Program is designed to give your company brand awareness through the InfantRisk Center, and access to our research center and the latest scientific endeavors in this field. Your participation in the Sponsor Program will include a number of benefits such as sending staff or other individuals to our training sessions, recognition on our highly active websites and our two popular apps, recognition at IRC events, and significant access to our research activities. (See table below for more details.)


Partnering with the IRC not only shows your support of our mission, but also helps us to better serve and support pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in the care of their infants. This includes developing further knowledge on the transfer and effects of drugs, and increasing our capacity to provide such information to mothers and healthcare providers.


The InfantRisk Center is dedicated to providing advanced medical knowledge in the field of breastfeeding and pregnancy medicine. Your partnership in this work will be recognized by all.



Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Academic/Business Focus




Access to Drs. Hale and Baker for research design.


Access to IRC advisory board meetings

Access to IRC scientific meetings

Access to Drs. Hale and Baker on clinical trial setup.


Opportunity for your staff to visit and study with the IRC research staff.

2 Free staff/student positions at the IRC annual Research symposium


Sponsor highlighted on IRC social media outlets



Brand Recognition




Corporate Logo displayed in various IRC marketing locations

Sponsor Name and Logo on Blog Site


Sponsor Name and Logo on IRC Bulletin Board


Sponsor Name and Logo on MommyMeds app



Sponsor Name and Logo on InfantRisk Center app



Student and Staff Interactions




Access to IRC case reports and research projects

Access to IRC training sessions for staff, physicians, and research scientists